About MPJ


What began as a hobby for Maria Paola Perez, a Colombian mother, suddenly turned into a high fashion statement company.

Maria Paola Jewelry is a fashion and fine jewelry characterized by its bohemian, cool,  and chic look.  MPJ is considered a must by many socialist women in Miami.

In 2010, designer Maria Paola has launched a new high-end jewelry line called Maria Paola Collection. 

Giuliana Rancic (tag necklace), Carolina Cruz, Giselle Blondet, Lachechi, Luis Fonsi,

Agueda Lopez, Karent Sierra, Laurie Jennings, Pamela Silva, Carla Martinez,  Alejandra Espinosa,  Jeanine Mason,  Monica Noguera, Barbara Bermudo,  and Anabelle Blum are the few celebrities who have been spotted wearing MPJ and MP Collection.

Tutti Bambini
​7211 SW 58th avenue
South Miami, Fl 33143

Maria Paola Jewerly Stockist